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15 kg audio console turntable plinth - Permali and Hi-macs
audio console with 3-way speakers installed
audio console enclosure
integrated GC amp wiring
audio console inception with turntable on top

Stay tuned for updates!

I post the new project photos regular

Handmade plinth with 2 tonearms for Garrard 401 

IMG_7361 2.jpeg

Turntable & accessories

These projects are in progress now. All together in parallel, because as a final result I'd like to create very simple for listener but really high-level in terms of sound and quality in general audio console.


It will consist of

  • specially designed enclosure with a 3-way stereo speakers with a clean surrounding sound,

  • gain clone amplifier with 3Hz to 200 kHz frequency range and minimal number of the parts and shortest point to point wiring from sources,

  • DAC with ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M chip which provides 32 BIT 768kHz,

  • phono stage for MM and MC cartridges,

  • additional AUX input, and

  • high end turntable which possible to use with this console or even apart. 15 kg sandwich plinth made from 20 mm Permali in the middle and 12mm Hi-macs stone on top and bottom. Zero friction 13.5'' tonearm with adjustable height and handmade blackwood headshell.

  • And finally - specially developed suspension for this turntable to be installed in this console.

There is no Bluetooth or remote control, wifi modules, etc. That's minimalistic simplicity to improve your audio sences.

golf ball bearing tonearm
handmade blackwood headshell
integrated GC and toroidal transformer 300VA
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