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2-way TQWT speakers by inception
2-way TQWT speakers by inception front view
2-way TQWT speakers by inception with redesigned front baffle
2-way TQWT speakers by inception driversRQWArhCZ8kTNpA.jpg

inception Nirvana sound TQWT

Massive floorstanders created based on TQWT (tapered quarter wave tube) principle which is also some kind of a back loaded horn principle (BLH).

What is special about this speaker system? So, firstly, it uses two speakers - a 6.5-inch full range Audio Nirvana and an Audax dome tweeter. Both drivers are installed on the back of the front baffle but with different depth. This made it possible to combine the arrangement of the driver's coils along the vertical axis, that is, to compensate for the delay, also waveguide improved the directivity of the tweeter and, among other things, additionally increased the sensitivity of the system which is 96dB / W.

Another feature is the ability to turn on the system in two modes - "direct" and "2-way". For what? Depending on the amplifier you are using and the type of material you are listening to, you can select the one that suits your ears best. In the "direct" mode, the full-range speaker is switched on directly, bypassing the crossover, and in this case we get a frequency response of 45Hz-18000Hz, an impedance of 8 ohms at a sensitivity of 96db / W. Nice, juicy and non-washed out bass. Ideally sounds with a tube amplifier! 

When switched to 2-way mode, the signal goes through a 2nd order crossover with a crossover frequency at 1320Hz. This gives an extension of the frequency range 45Hz - 22000Hz, impedance 9 Ohm, sensitivity 96 dB / W. The bass becomes denser, richer and more articulated, clarity and airiness are added in the high frequency range, and the mids perfectly reproduce vocal. This mode is ideal for listening to jazz tracks with female vocals. In both modes perfectly matched with a tube amplifiers.

Basically - you get two systems in one cab! And each of them has its own character and sound. And switching is done with just a click of a toggle switch on the binding posts plate on the back.

So, you can buy 2 sets of speakers which (with a more or less same quality) will cost you twice, or order this speakers, price from 2400 euro and depends on wood type (pictured is solid spruce, covered with whitening satin varnish or black matt lacquer). 

2-way TQWT speakers by inception in white
2-way TQWT speakers by inception in black
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