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open baffle 3-way speakers by inception
open baffle 3-way speaker's crossover by inception

For those who are not familiar with open baffle speakers, it is worth explaining its main differences first.

Firstly, in acoustics of this type there is no “box”, as in sealed or ported speakers, there is only a front baffle on which the speaker drivers are located. The key advantage of this approach is the absence of vibrations present in sealed loudspeakers. So, you have a clean and clear sound, and - on both sides (another name for this type of speaker is bipole). The main weakness is that it is very difficult to get rich and “meaty” bass.

However, speaker driver manufacturers currently offer drivers on the market with sufficient performance to produce the desired results from this type of speaker. It all depends on the selection of drivers, their pairing and the calculation of the optimal crossover circuit. And some magic for sure.

In my 3-way system, I used Eminence Alpha-15A drivers for the LF section, Visaton B-200 for the mids, and ESS AMT Heil for the trebles. The crossover scheme was developed in cooperation with Humble HomemadeHiFi. When developing, all the features of this type of design and the requirements for the final result were taken into account.

The design of the system, the crossover, the principle of installing speaker grilles that are "magnetized" to a wooden baffle, all this is implemented by me.
Speakers frequency range is 35Hz - 40kHz at -3dB, the sensitivity is 93dB / 2.83V.

The system copes well with all musical genres.

open baffle 3-way speakers by inception side view


Another 3-way system with 4 drivers - 2 FaitalPro woofers at top and bottom baffles as LF section, Audio Nirvana 6.5 full range for the mids, and Fountek Neo3 for the trebles.

These speakers has a passive crossover schematics with a cut-off frequencies at 320Hz and 14000Hz . That's opens Audio Nirvana's drivers potential on it's maximum.

The system made from massive oak wood - both frames and baffles and even a crossover base with a vertical parts mounting. Each baffle connected to the frame at precisely calculated angles which provides in the same time an appropriate time alignement and directing at the same listening point to the 2.5-3 meters. Frontal and back frames depends on your design preferences.

Speakers frequency range is 35Hz - 25kHz at -3dB, the sensitivity is 95dB / 2.83V.

The system copes well with all musical genres.

Price on demand.

3-way passive crossover .jpeg
open baffle stella.jpeg
with a front frames.jpeg
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