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BLH 1 front
BLH 1 with a stand
inception BLH1 - back loaded horn, Audio Nirvana full range.

These back-loaded horn speakers with Audio Nirvana's smallest 3" drivers offer clean sound with natural and precise bass from 60 to 18,000 Hz.

The cabinet is custom-made for these speakers and is CNC milled from 15mm birch plywood veneered with natural zebrano wood.

This advancement resulted in speakers with a sensitivity of nearly 89 dB/W, properly driven by both tube and solid-state amplifiers, and with surround sound and bass worthy of much bigger speakers with woofers.

The speakers performed flawlessly in the performance of jazz compositions and vocal parts during the tests. They mimic the piano properly and do not abandon the lower notes of the double bass. Classic rock was also quite good, with a collected, moderately hard and clear sound and a fast response, which is unusual for horns, but a small driver, a short voice coil stroke of only 2.5 mm, and a small membrane area allow you to get a "fast" sound with minimal distortion inherent in speakers with a larger diaphragm.

The stands are made of solid zebrano wood and sand-filled aluminium tubes. However, it can be placed on a shelf without the use of stands.

There are no crossovers because only one full-range driver is utilised, hence there is no interference/loss/changes in the signal path from amplifier to speaker.

For those who enjoy voices, classical jazz, and instrumental music, a modest space of 9 to 25 m2 is the perfect solution.

A pair will set you back 1800 euros.


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