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F105 Fostex BLH
F85 Fostex BLH
F105 & F85 comparison
F105 inside the cabs
inception F105 and F85 BLH - back loaded horn, Fostex.

Featuring 4" Fostex full-range drivers and 3.2" Fostex full-range drivers, these back-loaded horn loudspeakers deliver sound with precision and richness. The larger version with 4" speakers has two horns openings at the top and bottom of the rear of the cabs. Suitable for the room 12 to 30 m2. The smaller F85 with one horn's opening on the rear bottom can be used as a bookshelf as well as a floorstanding speaker. They can be used alone for rooms from 9 to 20 m2 or as surround satellites installed behind the listening position in addition to the F105.

Enclosures are made of birch plywood and F105 are also lined with bog oak veneer, F85 have polished sides and a front baffle made of glued beech lamellas.

There are no crossovers here because this is a full range drivers system.

The sound of the F105 can be described as "concert hall mode". Therefore, orchestral music sounds great here. The F85 is more refined and crisp, with less bass and depth when placed in a large room, but the sound is clear and transparent, great for vocals.

The cost of the F105 BLH is 1600 euros.

The cost of the F85 BLH is 1100 euros.

F105 and F85
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