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BLH phone 1
BLH phone 1
BLH phone 1 inside
Phone stands BLH

These models are also made according to the back-loaded horn principle in three different ways. But it has no amplifier, no power supply, no speaker drivers at all.

The horn amplifies the sound of the phone's built-in speaker when it is placed in the slot on the top panel. The amplification of these horns is enough to amplify and listen to music from your phone in a room up to 25 m2.

The models in the photo are made in a single copy each as a gift and can be ordered in different types of wood (from veneered plywood to solid oak, walnut, zebrano, etc. depends on your choice). It can also be with a charging wire and even with an internally installed power bank.

If you want to order a similar one, it may differ visually, but the rest of the characteristics will remain similar.
BLH phone 2
BLH phone 2 and 3
BLH phone 3
BLH phone 2 inside
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