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AN BLH side view
AN BLH front baffle and driver
inception AN BLH - back loaded horn, Audio Nirvana full range.

These back loaded horn speakers with 4" Audio Nirvana drivers are a very uncommon offering because they were the last pair I got from David and they no longer make them. These are extremely unique drivers, offering clean and well-directed sound from 50 to 19,000 Hz in this cabinet, with well-defined bass and minimum distortion.

The cabs are handcrafted and meticulously calculated, particularly for the Audio Nirvana 4 Plus ferrite drivers. The sides are a hefty 20mm thick beech, with glued beech lamellas on the front, top, and inside, polished and impregnated with Danish oil. So it's rigid, weighty, and well-damped on the interior, thanks to 7mm of thick felt. Internal wiring is accomplished using high-quality Belden 9497 cable. Both horn apertures are present.

Because the horns openings on the top and bottom of the cabinet are on the back of the cabinet, these speakers are intended to be positioned in the corners of a room, giving you a "additional natural horn section" formed by the corner of your room.

There are no crossovers because there is only one full-range speaker, so there is no interference/loss/change in the signal path from amplifier to speaker.

These speakers are great for fans of voices, old jazz, and even classic rock and are suitable for tiny rooms ranging from 9 to 30 m2.


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