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3-way / BLH inception speakers
3-way / BLH inception speakers side view
3-way / BLH inception speakers back side horn's opening
3-way / BLH inception speakers crossover

inception unique back loaded horn full-range or 3-way bass-reflex speakers.

This model combines the back-loading horn principle with a three-way loudspeaker. Depending on your preferences, you can simply switch from one mode to another.

What does this mean? This speaker has 3 drivers installed: full-range Audio Nirvana 4'', TangBand 6.5'' woofer and TangBand ambiance dome tweeter. But it has two secrets inside. The first is the enclosure, which constructed with a rear horn for a full-range driver and also has a separate ported chamber for the woofer. And the second is a switchable crossover. This function allows you to switch modes from "direct" to "3-way" using a toggle switch.

In direct mode only the full range driver works and you have a clear rear horn setup with a horn tuned to this driver TS parameters. In 3-way mode, the full-range driver becomes a mid-range driver, and you have an additional 90-degree offset 6.5" woofer and a 180-degree offset tweeter at the top of the horn openings on the rear side.

What for? There is no perfect solution for different musical genres, in these speakers I have tried to create a symbiosis of two probably the best types of acoustic solutions to achieve the best possible results.

You can order these speakers in various designs - solid spruce, oak, walnut or other types of wood. The cost will depend on the wood chosen and starts from 3000 euros for the pair.

Unfortunately, Audio Nirvana precarted the production of the 4 inch driver used in these speakers, so they are made in this form in a single copy to order. For new orders, a 4 inch Fostex or ScanSpeak full-range drivers will be used.

3-way / BLH inception speakers inside the cabs
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