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3-way bottles rear side
3-way bottles front side
3-way bottles crossover box
3-way bottles drivers waveguides
3-way speakers made from champagne bottles.

Yes! why the hell not?!

If champagne is associated with fun and celebration, then why not continue this thought? Moreover, a champagne bottle has an ideal shape, mass, glass thickness and volume to make a cabs for a speakers out of it ;)

As you understand, these speakers were created in the New Year. And if usually when developing speakers, they proceed from the parameters of the selected drivers for the development of the cabinets, then everything was in the reverse order, since I already had 6 "cabs".

3 liter Jeroboam with an open throat (bass reflex) - a woofer enclosure. My favorite TangBand fits perfectly here.
The 1.75 liter Magnum became the case for the 4 inch FaitalPro mid-bass.
And finally, in a standard bottle of 0.75 liters, the Lavoce dome tweeter fit. A waveguide was also calculated and CNC machined for it. As well for other drivers.

Next, a crossover was calculated and assembled, a stand for bottles and a crossover box were made of solid oak.

The most difficult thing is to cut off the bottom of the champagne bottles so as not to damage the bottle...

Finally - nice and funny looking 3-way speakers which also sound really good.

3-way bottles speakers by inception
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